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The Avaya IP Office represents a mature, flexible & feature-rich solution capable of meeting the needs of a number of different customers – from the very small (2+ users), to larger mid-market organizations with up to 3,000 users. The IP Office will help give your business a competitive edge. Let you do more, with less. Drive profitable growth, without driving up costs. Perform better now and in the future.


The Avaya IP Office continues to evolve with Release 11, including significant advancements in security and resiliency. Avaya IP Office release 11 is available as a cloud, hybrid cloud, or premises-based deployment, allowing organizations to deploy new capabilities based on business need, while benefiting from enhancements in security, resiliency and end-user experience.


The Communications industry has changed dramatically over the past five years, thanks to the proliferation of cloud-based applications, web conferencing and the Internet of Things. Demand for instant communications and collaboration is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for enabling employees and making fast business decisions.  Winning business means serving customers in the way they want to be served –and faster than competitors can.


Instant Messaging will be provided via Zang™ Spaces, presence will be provided via the IP Office core and there will be optional subscription available to Avaya Equinox™ Meetings Online for multi-party audio / video / web conferencing.  Avaya Equinox™ client will be supported on IP Office as a softphone only (audio and video calling). With the Avaya Equinox™ team engagement solution, users may truly collaborate anywhere from any device, across any channel.  There is also an updated Web Client that is Google Chrome-based and the individual apps for mobile devices will be standardized in the new Equinox 3.4 client to provide a consistent cross-platform user experience.



Among other enhancements, Avaya IP Office release 11 has built-in signaling and media encryption for endpoints and unified communications. This enhancement helps clients preserve privacy and data integrity, critical in any deployment, but especially in those delivered through pure or hybrid cloud services. This feature in Avaya IP Office is provided at no extra cost or added complexity.


The IP Office R11 delivers centralized licensing, extended diagnostics and proactive voice quality monitoring to keep the system up and running smoothly. R11 offers a wide range of endpoints, and fully integrated, easy to use, resilient desktop and mobile clients. The IP Office R.11 also features the standard unified communications elements that have become the hallmarks of IP Office. These include presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and directories, as well as contact center capabilities to handle the phone, email, chat, fax, SMS, and Web channels, and even workforce optimization tools.


Stronger Resiliency and Security

IP Office provides high-availability and secure communication without the high costs and complexities of managing additional servers in their network.  Customer locations may have automatic backup, active calls stay connected, no idle hardware needed.  R11.0 introduces WebRTC Gateway resiliency with IP Office Select; providing High Availability (HA) to WebRTC users.


Increased Scalability

Avaya IP Office grows with you as your business accelerates. Capacity to support solutions of up to 3,000 users and 150 nodes. A few examples include, increasing the number of hunt groups, soft consoles, music-on-hold sources, button modules and directory capacities.


Increased Capacity

Increase system capacity with a reduced footprint, and up to 50% less memory required to scale as you grow.


Rich User Experience

Extended Avaya client functionality, improved web collaboration experience and richer APIs to integrate with whatever solutions your business needs.


Out-of-the-box Applications Integration

Embed communications in the applications you already have: Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.


All-in-one Communications and Collaboration

The Avaya Equinox experience provides a single app for voice, video, messaging, conferencing and calendar and keeps employees productive on any device, from any location.


Updated SIP Phones

The New J100 Series phones provide refreshed devices.  Support of the new J169 and J179 IP phones were added with R11.0. These two new IP phones will address the need for everyday voice communications. As an added benefit, customers who are familiar and accustomed to analog line appearances, as with key system, may now deploy SIP trunks and program line appearance buttons on their phones.  SIP Line Appearance will be supported on Essential Edition, Server Edition, Select and Powered By solutions.  This makes it easier to migrate businesses with analog line appearance to SIP trunked systems while preserving their user experience and business processes.



In addition to the new Avaya J100 Series phones, Avatel provides a complete portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints. All Avaya Phones deliver powerful, productivity-enhancing, cost-saving features. Avatel offers a wide range of desktop phones to choose from.


See phone set options here



Avaya IP Office Platform Deployment Options

Match a deployment model to infrastructure needs from simple appliances to dedicated servers to virtualized software in a data center. Improve customer experience and contact center agent efficiency with powerful, affordable multichannel functionality for voice, email, fax, SMS, and web chat. The solution combines collaboration software plus multichannel contact centers, networking, security and video.

There is an IP Office to meet the needs of any small and midsize business. From the smallest enterprise with essential team engagement and mobile requirements, scaling up to sophisticated large enterprises requiring high levels of resiliency to support their customer engagement solutions. The IP Office R11 offers a number of deployment options or platforms and Editions with the flexibility to meet the needs of every end customer.


Turn-Key (Appliance) Editions

IP Office Basic Edition – Ideal for small and growing businesses, Basic Edition provides basic voice telephony and messaging, including voice mail, message to email conversion, call forwarding, audio conferencing, automated attendant and growth to 100 users.


IP Office Essential Edition – Builds on the Basic Edition by adding IP telephony and mobility features, including one-number access and dial by name / extension. Scales to over 350 users.


IP Office Preferred Edition – All the features of Basic and Essential Editions with integrated unified communications, including IM and presence, web collaboration, mobile access, video, and call recording. Integration with business applications along with a multi-channel contact center is also provided.


Software-Based Server Editions

 IP Office Server Edition – Supporting up to 2,000 users and 32 locations in a single network, IP Office Server editions adds advanced features like Active Directory integration and centralized web-based administration.


IP Office Select – With support for the largest IP Office customers with up to 3,000 users and 150 networked locations, IP Office Select offers resiliency through a duplex server option and over 500 ports for audio and video conferencing.

IP Office User Licenses

IP Office provides flexible user solutions tailored to fit the needs of different kinds of employees, from those who only require basic capabilities, to Office Workers with collaboration needs to Power Users that are highly mobile. IP Office Basic and Essential Edition customers receive standard telephony features. IP Office Server Edition and IP Office Select customers may choose unified communications licenses such as Office Worker or Power User on an employee by employee basis. IP Office Preferred Edition has Mobile Worker and Teleworker options in addition to the Office Worker and Power User shown.



Put it all together and the Avaya IP Office Platform helps businesses bring engagement to the next level, differentiating themselves from the competition and achieving their business or organizational objectives.








Since its launch in 2002, over 635,000 IP Office solutions have been deployed worldwide. Seventeen years later, Avaya is at the top of their game with this latest release. If you haven’t already made the switch or would like to take advantage of the new features available, please contact us for a no-obligations evaluation and find out firsthand, the fantastic impact we can deliver for your business or organization. Contact an Avatel Account Manager to learn more at 866-835-2661 or Contact Us.


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