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Avatel Voice Prompts and On-hold Custom Recording Solutions


Silence is neither golden…nor good business


Avatel provides professional voice solutions that enhance the customer experience. Make the right impression – the first time and every time. Although you may try to handle every call as quickly as possible, you may often find there is no choice but to put your callers on hold for short periods of time, or have your auto attendant guide them through the calling process. By leaving them in silence or listening to the radio while on hold, or offering them less than professionally recorded voice prompts, even the most legitimate company may sound unprofessional. With custom on-hold message and voice prompts, you will enhance your company image.


Avatel’s State of the Art Recording Studio

First Impressions are Powerful!


Maximize your telephone’s marketing potential. Let your telephone be used as a marketing tool. You can provide customer service information, educate and inform callers about your company, answer often asked questions, direct them to your website, and promote and cross-sell products and services…all while speaking to a captive “one on one’ audience.


Reduce caller hang up. According to research, on-hold messages have been shown to reduce caller hang-ups while on hold by 75%. And 88% of callers preferred “on-hold” messages to other options.


Increase revenues. Research has shown that 16 to 20% of callers actually inquire about and make purchases based on information heard while on hold.


Custom on-hold messages produced in our state-of-the art recording studio:


  • Voice prompts for auto attendants, such as day message, night message, and name directory prompts sent to you in IP Office audio format
  • Expert creative scriptwriting, we will work directly with your customers to create the scripts for their message-on-hold and voice prompts
  • Professional voice talent
  • A wide selection of royalty-free background music


Click on the Demo you would like to hearGeneric on Hold Message by Industry
Demo Holiday MusicGeneric Car Dealership
Holiday Day Voice Prompt Auto AttendantGeneric Church
Holiday Night (Out of Office) Voice Prompt Auto AttendantGeneric Dental Office
Demo 1 First ImpressionGeneric Florist
Demo 2 Avatel.usGeneric Funeral Home
Demo 3 Voice Prompt Auto AttendantGeneric Insurance Company
Demo 4 Message Oh-HoldGeneric Law Office
Demo 5 Spanish maleGeneric Medical Office
Demo 6 Spanish femaleGeneric Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Demo 7 British maleGeneric Pharmacy
Demo 8 British femaleGeneric Restaurant
Generic Veterinary Hospital


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For more information on our voice solutions services, please call Avatel’s at 866.835.2661 or Contact us

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