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Avatel Employee Spotlight We believe that the Avatel employees or as we like to say, our Avatel family members are our biggest asset, contributing to the success, innovation and advancement of our company. Our spotlight page is an effort to recognize our employees that make a big difference and demonstrate behaviors that exemplify Avatel’s values. Avatel is dedicated to provide meaningful recognition for the accomplishments of our employees. Check out the articles below and see for yourself the kinds of wonderful things our employees are doing behind the scenes at Avatel.

Avatel 2021 End of Year Review

For Avatel, the annual year-end review is the time to recognize and celebrate our Avatel team members. Our year-end celebrations are a way to finish the year on a high note and greet the new year with enthusiasm. The end of the year is the perfect time to recognize everyone for their hard work and bring everyone together. However, the uncertainty over the Omicron Covid variant added to safety concerns over a companywide gathering. The thing about living through an ever-evolving global pandemic is that it’s very hard to feel confident about what is the correct, responsible thing to do.

Not bringing everyone together wasn’t an easy decision to make again this year, but given the unique circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, our team members health and safety is a greater priority than ever. So, in the end we erred on the side of safety-first. Unfortunately, this is our second year that we were unable to bring all our staff members together. I guess the term, “all in this thing together” meant we must stay apart one more time. So, instead of exchanging hugs and sitting together for a meal, we must count on the fact that our love and gratitude we have for each other is stronger than our physical distance.

Our theme for 2021 was “We Will Overcome”. We all understood with the mindset of an overcomer, our beliefs determine our decisions, which determines our actions, which determines our results. In 2021, we were able to have a very productive year. By building momentum and taking massive action throughout the year, we were able to create an environment in which we were more productive, more effective, more efficient, and true overcomers. I’m proud to say that in good times as well as in challenging times, our company performs at the level we do because of the talents and dedication of our people.  Avatel successfully approached the challenges in 2021 as opportunities. With that said, we could all use a reason to celebrate right now, so let’s start by recognizing all the contributions made in 2021.

Let’s start with recognizing our Rock Star Leadership Team. Unfortunately, our managers don’t always get the recognition they deserve for their role in guiding Avatel forward. Not only are they responsible for overseeing the big picture, but they also manage all their team members’ day-to-day work. They foster growth and productivity, they are dedicated to their team’s success, and are passionate about the success for Avatel.

Without this group of dedicated managers, I have no doubt that we would not be as successful as we are.

Brandye Byers – Finance and HR Director, Jim Kelly – Vice President Sales & Service, Salena Miller – Sales Director, Bruce Brewer – Engineering Director, Andrew Cohen – Service Director, Torina Boatright – Vice President Operations    


Avatel Sales Department

We recognize that the sales group consistently achieved, and often exceeded, their goals throughout the year. We know such an achievement does not come easily, and we complement each of you on your hard work.  Avatel is fortunate to have such energetic, talented salespeople on our team and we look forward to more success in the future.

The encouraging news is that even in uncertain times, the majority of the Avatel Team has delivered impressive results and was able to grow and prosper. Avatel’s attitude of an “overcomer,” combined with a refusal to abandon our vision, mission and goals was the difference between success and failure in 2021. Our Avatel Sales Performers are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and can turn both to their advantage.

Jorge Rodriguez, Evelyn Guzman, Fred Sternberg, Rujel Buggs, Frank Fautas. And Teresa Boully


Bryan Kelley, Laura Martinez, Marc Irvin, Myra Ourso, Deb Woodford, and Richard Riccobono


Top Sales Performers for 2021

It is a pleasure to recognize key performers at Avatel whose passion has garnered them Top Honors for Sales Success.






Our Top Sales Performers who have exceeded their 2021 targets with outstanding results for 2021 are: 

Congratulations Evelyn and Myra!

We would also like to recognize our Sales Support Team Members.

Emily Woodford – Sales Assisiant and Gloria Saccoccio – Customer Service/Lead Gen


Our Sales Assistant Emily Woodford processes all sales orders and provides best in class assistance to the sales team and Sales Management. Emily manages all reporting functions, sales incentive programs, and performs consistent follow-through communication with the AEs and Management. Thanks for all you do Emily!

Gloria Saccoccio is our Customer Service Advocate and Lead Generation Expert. Gloria proactively contacts customers to uncover any support concerns or needs our customers may have. Through this consistent communication we maintain extremely high levels of customer satisfaction at Avatel. Gloria also performs lead generation calls to uncover future opportunities. We appreciate and value Gloria’s support!


Avatel Service Department

One reason that Avatel is so successful is that we have dedicated employees whose efforts surpass what is required of them. Avatel has a Service group that consistently goes the extra mile for customers, colleagues, and the organization itself. The speed and efficiency of the people assigned to handle and manage service tasks contribute tremendously to Avatel’s growth and expansion. The spirit of this team blend together to create an environment that is, in one word, outstanding.


Avatel Project Management Team

Our Project Managers exceed our customers’ expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to our industry. Their desire and willingness fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success. In today’s highly competitive and dynamic telecom industry, end to end customer service becomes the difference between a good service provider and the best service provider. Our PMs have the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to help ensure a successful, transition of technology for our customers. Their key objective is to exceed our customers’ expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to our industry.

Shawn Roderick– PM, Lonnie Ledford – PM, Johnann Favata – PM, Tom Wood – PM, Jennifer Smalling – PM, and PJ Yarosh – PM


Engineering Team

We exist because genuine passion runs deep within our company. We have a team of highly experienced technical experts who are committed to delivering excellence to our customers and their co-workers. The service support our Engineers provide exceeds all expectations and guarantees Avatel’s continued success.  We’re better because of this highly talented team.

Avatel’s Engineers make communications technology the best it can be. They are the technical experts that help deliver our solutions with agility and speed to help maintain our competitive edge. Their responsibilities include, system configuration, supporting PMs and Sales reps on complex issues and assisting techs in the field and complex site implementations. Our “Task Masters” are confident in their abilities through unmatched technical expertise and depth. They have strong problem-solving abilities and excellent communication skills. Great job Engineers, we are always appreciative of your invaluable support!

Jon Damiani – Lead Sales Engineer, Chris Perez – Systems Engineer, Frank Peraza – Systems Engineer, Ramez Asad – Systems Engineer, and Mitch Seehoffer – Systems Engineer



Operations Department

The Operations department is the department that handles all day-to-day operations of the business and the glue that holds the organization together. They are responsible for driving operational excellence across the organization as they focus on People, Processes and Profitability. They consist of team members that support all our business functions: HR, IT, Finance and Procurement. They work together to create the backbone of all our business processes.

The operations group drives flawless execution across all engagements. They are responsible for developing operating policies and processes and driving operational excellence across the organization. Our empowered Operations team has a significant reach and impact throughout the organization. Thanks for making 2021 a success. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Joey Martinez – Purchasing Manager, Rhonda Schmidt – Process/Data Management Specialist, Keon Hines – Purchasing Specialist, Mike Bresse – IT Manager/Database & Website Programmer, and Annette Duarte – Finance Specialist



Ultimately, the basis of our success is our people. Having a great team of people with enormous capabilities who can navigate personally challenging circumstances while dedicating themselves to professional excellence, is what ensures our prosperity, now and in the future.

I am proud of what our company has achieved in 2021, collectively and individually. We look forward to another successful year in 2022!



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