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Xima’s software Chronicall, started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all-purpose custom call reporting, call recording and real-time display software suite. Chronicall software connects directly to Avaya IP Office via the Monitor interface to capture each event on every call in real time.


Chronicall offers Avatel customers the ability to drill down into their reports using our Cradle to Grave reporting program. This allows customers to verify their data and improve their business. Xima Chronical Software also allows customers to add on Recording so they increase their business performance by understanding exactly what their employees are doing on the phone.



Xima Chronicall is HIPPA and PCI compliant. For customers needing information in Realtime, Chronicall allows you to build custom wallboards displaying the exact information that pertains to your business. You can be alerted in Realtime whenever this is a problem. Each business is unique which is why Chronicall was built around the customer’s voice. The software is easy to use, and is constantly updated with feature requests from the customers that use it. With Chronicall, Avatel customers can easily find the information they are looking for so they can continually better their business.



Key Offerings


  • Call Accounting and Reporting – True and accurate call reporting for the Avaya IP Office. With 64 Standard Reports reporting on a little bit of everything in your system. Call accounting (historical reporting), which means you can easily search calls by phone number, employee, duration, etc. You can then run reports on predefined criteria in order to analyze call statistics.


  • Call Recording – Pick and choose which calls you want to record so you can improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. Use evaluations and scorecards to insure your employees are doing exactly what you want them to do. These recorded calls are housed in an easily searchable library.



  • Contact Center – Know what’s going on within your contact center or sales environment in Realtime using customized wallboard displays. Be alerted whenever there is a problem. Allow your agents to tag pertinent information so you get more details about the call. Contact centers (real-time agents) allow real-time data to be obtained for live call centers. This data can include information such as how long people are waiting, how many calls each agent has taken, etc. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that take a lot of inbound calls like an insurance company, bank, utility company, hospital, etc. Within this system, you can receive alerts of different varieties (ex: POP Screen messages, Email, or SMS Text messages) to help rectify potential issues quicker for such things as an agent being idle too long. Plus, any screen can be turned into a wallboard, customizable or standard.



Contact Center key benefits:


  • Skills Based Routing: An advanced and more effective way to route calls to agents based on their skill group and skill level. In Chronicall Multimedia, you may create as many skill groups as you desire and place as many agents into the skill groups as you need. Calls can be routed based on; most idle agent, linear, or in a circular call distribution or more importantly, by determining your best skilled agents across all skill groups by using our algorithm: Intelligent Highest Skill First.


  • Skill Groups: Create an unlimited amount of skill groups to fit your business needs. Using Xima’s Intelligent Highest Skill First routing rule you ensure that your customer gets to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.


  • Active State Controls: Provide supervisors with the ability to control agents’ state from the convenience of their desktop PC, via Chronicall. This will enable call center supervisors to log agents in and out of their skill groups, place an agent into a Not Ready state or manage calls in queue.


  • Agent Desktop: Agents are empowered through Agent Desktop to log in and out of their respective skill groups, place themselves in a not ready state, or continue their after call work (ACW) time to ensure they finish up their process before moving on to the next call.


  • Queue Call Back: Customers no longer have to wait in queue. Queue Call Back enables customers to wait in line without having to wait on the phone. When their time is up, the system will call them and connect them with an agent.



Avatel is ready to implement the best Call Accounting, Call Recording, and Contact Center Solutions for you! We will suggest the best options for your needs and provide the tools you need to improve customer service, employee productivity, and positively impact your organization’s bottom line.


Want to know more about Chronicall? We would be happy to schedule a live web demonstration for your business. Please  contact us today to schedule a demo or to discuss your options.

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