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Avatel Cloud Solution

Powered by 3CX – Simple, Flexible, Affordable Communications

No matter how big or small your company is, the right Unified Communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience. 3CX is an open-platform, software VoIP phone system that works with popular IP Phones whether on-premise or in the cloud. Offering a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features, 3CX is more than just your average business telephone system. Simple, flexible, and affordable, 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches or the limitations of shared cloud PBXs.

The open standards 3CX IP PBX allows for much more flexible in terms of available options when building a solution that suits your business. 3CX software has been recognized for its innovation and cutting-edge technology worldwide. With our 3CX Platinum level partnership, Avatel is ready to bring a powerful and intuitive unified communications system to your business.

Key Advantages of 3CX IP PBX

  • Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
  • Far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX / PABX
  • Improve productivity with presence, desktop-based call control and extension management
  • Deliver mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension
  • Integrated video conferencing using WebRTC
  • Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones – no vendor lock in
  • Receive & make calls via the standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways or cards
  • CRM integration with Office 365, Salesforce, Freshdesk and more
  • Boost productivity with UC: Status, Chat and more
  • Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect!

Installation and Management

3CX’s Unified Communications solution sets itself apart with its easy installation and management. The phone system will run on-premise on an existing Windows or Linux machine and can be virtualized on Hyper-V, VMware or KVM. With its web-based setup wizard, provisioning IP Phones, Gateways, SIP Trunks and smartphone clients takes minutes and server-side CRM integration makes using 3CX with your preferred applications easy.

  • Pre-configured templates for easy integration with leading SIP Trunk providers
  • Plug & Play Interoperability of IP Phones and gateways for automatic configuration
  • Avoid interop issues with 3CX tested IP Phones
  • Advanced security features including automatic updates and global IP blacklist
  • Deploy in the Cloud or on-premise
  • Create, edit, and delete extensions and DIDs
  • Upgrade IP Phone firmware from the management console
  • Configure advanced IP phone options from the console
  • Provision & reboot IP Phones remotely
  • Import or delete all contacts at once
  • Perform server-side CRM integrations

Security & Backup

The most advanced and up to date security protocols and technologies have been integrated into 3CX, safeguarding your communications against all types of attacks.  The 3CX IP PBX offers easy to enable and manage security features such as global IP blacklisting, SRTP encryption, automatic detection of SIP attack tools, provisioning of phones through HTTPS, SSL connectivity and an A+ rating from SSL Labs to boot. All of this is combined with bulletproof web server configuration for your peace of min

  • Increased secure web server configuration
  • Automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP Attack tools
  • Global IP Blacklist automatically updated for participating PBXs
  • Traffic to 3CX apps is encrypted via the 3CX Tunnel
  • Voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP
  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certs
  • Revolutionary VoIP Security with A+ rating from SSL lab
  • Automatic Failover for instant backup
  • Encryption between browser and the website ensured via HTTPS
  • Limit access to 3CX management console based on IP

3CX Features

 With all the features, it’s easy to see why 3CX became one of the most popular VoIP software companies in the world.

IVR / Auto Attendant

3CX has a built-in fully customizable IVR and Auto Attendant (digital receptionist feature) that is designed to boost the competence of any business by increasing flexibility, simplifying processes, and reducing costs, at the same time as improving customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce operational costs – by reducing human agents and receptionists.
  • Improve customer experience – callers get the specific information they need 24 hours a day.
  • Resolve issues faster – callers are immediately directed to the department most capable of giving the right answer.


The ability to view the status of other colleagues is a great time saver, avoiding unnecessary call transfers or voice mail tags, and makes managing and working with remote employees easier than ever.

  •  Eliminate expensive voice mail tags
  • Avoid unnecessary transfers of phone calls that irritate customers
  • Visible from all 3CX Apps: Web, Windows, iOS, and Android


Voicemails are converted to sound files and forwarded via e-mail.

  • Forward voicemails to inbox
  • Listen to voicemails without calling in

Instant Messaging / Text

Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third party internet messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers. 3CX users can send and receive text messages via the 3CX web, Windows, iOS, and Android apps from anywhere – a true unified communications solution!

  • Real-time communication from your website integrated with your PBX
  • Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost
  • Available on web, Windows, iOS & Android apps

Live Chat & Talk

  • Allow customers to chat, call or meet with you directly from your website
  • Completely free for you and your customers – no additional subscriptions or charges
  • Real-time communication from your website integrated with your PBX

Integrated Web/Video Conferencing

3CX’s WebRTC-based web conferencing solution is an easy-to-use feature that is included in all editions. 3CX allows its users to harness high-quality video and voice through their web browser. Participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or apps, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers, and employees.

  • Free for up to 250 participants
  • Unlimited users regardless of edition
  • Initiate a conference with one single click
  • Dial-in to meetings by phone
  • Correlated operability between VoIP and video
  • Bandwidth Management and Control
  • Remote control assistance for quick & easy troubleshooting – plugin/extension free screen sharing
  • Pre-upload PDFs before meetings
  • Easy to use polling tool for feedback

3CX’s award-winning Phone System as a Hosted PBX lets you communicate with your team, employees, customers, and vendors no matter where you are. 3CX is a great collaborative platform for your mobile workforce. It includes clients for smartphones and Mac or Windows laptops, which allow your employees to take their extension with them wherever they go, free of charge!

With 3CX Hosted PBX’s easy web-based management interface, you can save on initial hardware, licensing, setup, and maintenance costs. 3CX is the perfect tool to propel your business forward. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you are guaranteed to stay connected with 3CX. 3CX offers apps for Android and IOS, softphones for Windows and Mac, WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing! Ensure the convenience of constant effortless connection with 3CX.

VOIP Tools – a 3CX add-on to enhance your 3CX phone system with additional ease of management, advance call center capabilities and custom CRM integration –

Yealink Phones
Avatel provides a complete portfolio of Yealink phones and communication endpoints. All Yealink phones deliver powerful, productivity-enhancing, cost saving features. Avatel offers a wide range of Yealink desktop and DECT phones to choose from. See Yealink phone solutions here

Avatel is a single source solution provider for all your cloud service’s needs. Avatel’s extensive engineering and technical background, combined with years of experience, allows us to provide unsurpassed level of design, installation, maintenance, and diagnostic service. We guarantee our technicians and engineers have the appropriate certifications and the technical ability to maintain the quality you demand. Contact an Avatel Account Manager to learn more about the award winning 3CX Solution at 866-835-2661 or Contact Us.

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