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The telephone was a major invention of the 19th century, but for years the appearance of the office telephone has been taken for granted. The gray or black boxes all look the same from office to office and company to company.


For a number of years, customers have made requests for different desk phones colors other than what was normally available in the industry like black or grey. Customers are telling us they want the phone to be more reflective of their business brand and personality. They want a phone set that combines high-end technology with avant-garde design.


Our Partner, At Desk Phone Designs, has created injection-molded, snap-on phone covers designed to fit numerous business phone models. Their hydro-graphic, custom surface decoration technology turn business phones into amazingly beautiful designed devices that are a real treat for the eye. The surface decoration technology offers the latest and most popular patterns and natural designs, like burl wood, walnut, marble, leather look, geometrical designs and many other abstract designs, which creates a new color and appearance on the telephone enhancing its value.


Desk Phone Designs snap-on phone covers:


  • Require no tools for installation or removal
  • Can be removed and cleaned with soap and water
  • Protect the original features of the manufactured business phone
  • Preserve the factory warranty
  • Providing a protective cover limiting the exposure of dust and dirt


Desk Phone Designs is currently the only manufacturer of this product that allows for the quick application and removal of phone covers allowing simple end user application/removal, the ability to consistently, clean providing the healthiest surface for phone use today, and providing customization not currently available anywhere in the market today.


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